We Are The Essence That We Squeeze Out


Imagine you are holding a half of a lemon in your hand, you squeeze it and feel the juice run down your hand.
You shove the lemon in your mouth, chewing the pulp and the rind, feeling all the texture & taste of the lemon.

Your mouth is watering right?

That’s the power of the mind.

We didn’t even have a lemon, yet everyone of you who read this has a watery mouth.

Now imagine the other thoughts that your mind tells you.
The mind doesn’t care what’s good or bad, or what’s right or wrong….the only thing it knows is the dialogue you tell it. Your soul knows, but your mind doesn’t.

You’re mind will NEVER argue with you.

Yet your soul will.

So when we tell our mind a dialogue of negative beliefs that are installed in us of unworthiness, or that we’re ill, or that we’re scared, or that we’re broke, or that we’re in pain, or that we’re annoyed, or that we’ll never be enough….the mind says, “yup, that’s what I am.” and projects it into the world we live in and to the people we connect with.

But the glory of the mind is that we can change that dialogue at any given moment and tell our minds a truthful dialogue.

That you ARE worthy.
That you ARE healthy.
That you ARE whole.
That you ARE wealthy.
That you ARE happy.
That you ARE responsible for letting annoyances in.

That YOU ARE enough.

Remember, your mind won’t argue with you….it will simply say, “yup, that’s what I am.”

Your inner dialog is your inner analog.
Find your inner analog.

We can’t tell our minds that we have a lemon and expect it to taste like an orange.
Just like we can’t tell ourselves negative things and expect positive things to come out if us.

We are the essence that we squeeze out.

As the man thinketh, therefore he is. ~Proverbs  23:7