Why DO we withhold Love?

24ee8a68947fedf9fdef5f4bbccdfbc7Why do WE withhold Love?

Is it because we might fall into the abyss of vulnerability of our inner wounds, or the scars of our inner darkness that we ourselves are afraid to see might show? And if we’re afraid to see them, then someone else might be able to also?

Sure, we love on the surface level…
when WE want to help someone with something,
when WE want to show affection,
when WE want to be intimate,
when WE want to spend time with someone,
when WE only are seeing the best in someone,
when WE are only drawn to the good qualities of someone,
when WE,
when WE,
when WE…

What about when WE are too tired, too emotional, too overstressed, too mad…….TOO anything?
When WE are focusing on someone’s faults or flaws,
when WE are incapable of understanding someone elses emotions,
when WE can’t even muster up enough energy to show someone affectionate love,
when WE can’t seem to find the energy to remind who WE love, that although WE gave our energy to everyone else around us today, that WE don’t have enough for them,
when WE,
when WE,
when WE…

Why do WE withhold Love from another then?

Is it because of our own self-constructed protective walls that WE have built ourselves and chose to keep our own self-perceived faults hidden?

Is it because WE have such high standards for ourselves that WE haven’t lived up to,
that WE are aware of our own faults and flaws and when WE see them in someone else, WE withhold love?

Is it because WE have a fear of the possibility of a true soul connection?
And that scares us because WE have been hurt by another before?

Are WE afraid that someone might see that WE have a soft and vulnerable soul and to expose it openly to someone that WE might expose parts of our self that WE see fault in?

Are WE so terrified of the intimacy of love, that WE walk around in constant fear of a true soul connection, although it’s actually what WE crave?

So why DO we withhold love?
The short answer is that WE are the creator of our unhealthy, withholding perception of love……
And yet WE still call it love.

WE are the one who built the walls,
WE are the one who has confused love with everything that isn’t.

Love has no walls,
Love has no boundaries,
Love does not run out of the energy to love.
If it does, then it isn’t love.
When WE create our illusion of love this way,
and what WE think it should be,
and when WE decide to share it,
and when WE decide to withhold it,
WE are missing out on the sacredness of truly feeling a soul connection with another,
WE are missing out on the greatest flow of energy WE can ever feel and tap into at any time,
WE are missing out on the sacredness in all things in our relationships.
that OUR bodies are sacred,
man is sacred,
woman is sacred,
sex is sacred,
thoughts are sacred,
emotions are sacred,
creating is sacred,
ALL is sacred.

Love, is sacred.

And the greatest,  is love.~1st Corinthians 13:13



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