Why not create?

Have you ever asked yourself that question?

Why not create?

Creativity comes from within. We feel a spark when we are doing or thinking about something we love or are interested in.

In today’s social media platforms, we seem to get caught up in division of opinions and help to create more division and angst among our fellow humans. And while we are still creating something, we are not creating much that will help heal humanity.

So where do we focus to change this?

We focus inward….back into our inner analog, our heartbeat, our stillness within so we can find what really drives us.

2020 has been rocky, to say the least, but by going inward and feeling what motivates us, and what inspires us we have a clearer chance of turning that motivation & inspiration into a positive creation.

Whether it’s painting, singing, playing music, dance, yoga or writing a blog or a book….we can create in a way that helps us return to our inner core, our inner analog, and create something that will help other’s do the same.

And the beautiful thing is, our creativity is NOT limited!

We can start a blog & write about something we love, or something we know a lot about.

We can write a book about literally anything.

We can create apps that help someone.

We can create services that help one another.

The possibilities are Endless!

Yes, we should pay attention to what is happening in the world, but we dont have to contribute to the negative side of creating.

Our internal energy is also our currency. When we use it in division and negativity, that’s the exchange we recieve.

When we use it in a positive and helpful manner, this too is our exchange.

Happy creating!!! Spend wisely.

The human mind and the human soul has an amazing ability to create Anything! Literally. All it takes is a feeling or thought that feels good

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