Is your inner analog lit?

Photo Credit Unknown

Analong time peice, sky wide

synched to the ticker inside…

This is one of my favorite lyrics from a song called Indigo Children by the artist Puscifer.

It reminds me that in such a massive digital world, we forget our internal analog.

When we forget our internal analog beating within us, we create a disconnect with our internal self.

In todays world, it’s easy to get out of synch with our heart. It’s easy for us to fall into a pattern of comfort and the routine rituals of our every day lives.

When we are out of synch, or out of alignment with our hearts desires, our outer world can feel like it is closing in around us and that feeling eventually makes it into our inner world, causing a plethora of dis-Ease from body ailments, to internal ailments, to mental ailments.

When we remember our inner analog, and start to feed it more of our wants & desires, our internal flame will relight and continue to grow which will lead to realignment with our heart center.

Remembering our internal analog isn’t always a quick process. We have to feel & release old patterns that no longer serve us, and we have to learn new ways that we deal with things in our inner world and integrate them into realigning with our heart (soul), that will allow us a greater capability of aligning with our body & mind.

I believe everyone’s number one desire is to truly be happy within and understanding that true internal happiness comes from within, not another person nor another outer outlet.

To be in the Eternal Flame, the Internal Flame must be lit.

Rekindle your inner flame & let it burn!