And THAT’S when my head exploded…

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I say that a lot…..”and THAT’s when my head exploded”.

It doesn’t really, obviously.

I’ve recently chosen to leap into the Affiliate Marketing field as a way to earn an extra income. As a child of the 70’s, one can imagine how little I know about the digital realm at all.

I have found myself struggling with understanding much in the digital world.

I have a website, but didn’t know how to integrate any of the marketing tools for optimization. Or running into issues day after day trying to get everything to connect.

The frustration of not getting anything to connect has made me want to stop trying, and often left me in tears.

And that’s when my head exploded….at first it from was the frustration. But then it hit me, the irony of what I was even attempting to do hit me like a ton of bricks.

You see, my website is literally named, Find Your Inner Analog. Analog is anything BUT digital and what I often write about is exploring & returning to our own natural inner state, the beat of our own heart, our inner analog.

In order to fully connect with our inner analog, we must integrate our body, our mind & our soul.

This analog realm is a realm that I have worked closely in for 20+ years, as I stood shy and reluctant to dive into the digital world.

The deeper I dove and the more frustration that built up, something occurred to me that the digital realm is much like the analog realm.

In order to fully thrive in analog mode, we must do the inner & outer work of integrating our body, mind and soul. To a degree, the digital realm works much the same way.

I started looking at my webpage as the body, my email list as the soul, and the affiliate links, funnel builders, an ad campaigns as the mind.

I learned how to integrate my analog realm with my digital realm.

I wont say that I have Affiliate marketing all figured out by any means, but it will be nice to come back on this post a year from now and see how far I’ve come, or even coming back to this post as a reminder to NOT GIVE UP.

I am adding some of my Affiliate links if you are interested in some of the programs that have helped me.

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