Overactive? Underactive? Balanced? What is your Soul Compass telling you?

Life has become so busy with distractions that it’s no wonder most have become disconnected with internal self.

In current times it’s become too easy to fall into the level of division being played out, and the fear based state that is pushed onto us everyday.

For me, I find myself overwhelmingly distracted by all of the things that I want to do vs. all the things I need to do, or the pain of the current wounded global heart, or the wounds others are feeling at this time and not knowing how to heal & release….it’s so overwhelming that I often end up doing absolutely nothing.

All of this has really affected me recently, So I decided to make the choice to choose what I am actually putting my focus on and what I am willing to allow to intoxicate me.

No matter what we choose to put our focus on, its all intoxicating.

Whether it’s the high feeling of pursuing our goals & dreams and flying high in that vibrational realm, or the low feeling of the collective division & fear.

This is where our soul compass comes in, our emotions, our 7 chakra points of our inner self.

If something is off with us, our soul will send us a signal of that emotion, which directly correlates with one of the 7 Chakra spiritual points within us.

Fear, shame, guilt, heartache, trauma etc., may not be a most favorable emotion to feel but they are important in our guide system. Lower vibrational emotions are as equally important as Love, joy & happiness.

Most times, I feel pretty balanced but I’ve also gotten out of my daily meditation practice & being consumed by outer energies in the current state of the world, as well as the lower energies I have allowed to seep in. Many are wounded and I tend to absorb those energies.

Our natural internal energy is Love, and in a world that makes it hard to see or to feel it we have to be diligent and look within and create it internally so we can emit it into the outside world.

I took an online chakra quiz just to see if it was accurate. To my surprise, it was extremely accurate.

While I’ve learned to balance my chakra’s, I knew I was feeling ‘off’.

This quiz told me that my Sacral Chakra is Underactive and brought me back to why I have been feeling overwhelmed and not feeling my creative self.

My Third Eye Chakra is also Underactive, leaving me with a poor ability to have a clear focus…..again pointing back to being overwhelmed. This has physically manifested as chronic neck & shoulder tension, so much that my husband has spent the past two days doing deep massage.

My Crown Chakra is Overactive which is also extremely accurate. I tend to reside in the Spiritual realm as opposed to the heaviness of the ‘negative’ energy in the outside world. I tend to feel a huge disconnect.

Internal work will always be a fulltime job but the more we take an active part in how we are feeling and why we feel the way we do, we have a better chance of sharing our self-love with the world around us to create a new world where spiritual balance aligns our outer world.

If you are interested in taking the same quiz, here is the link


Feel free to share your results!

And remember, there are no wrong answers, only the answer you resonate with.

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