Overactive? Underactive? Balanced? What is your Soul Compass telling you?

Life has become so busy with distractions that it's no wonder most have become disconnected with internal self. In current times it's become too easy to fall into the level of division being played out, and the fear based state that is pushed onto us everyday. For me, I find myself overwhelmingly distracted by all… Continue reading Overactive? Underactive? Balanced? What is your Soul Compass telling you?

And THAT’S when my head exploded…

Image Copyright JoVer I say that a lot....."and THAT's when my head exploded". It doesn't really, obviously. I've recently chosen to leap into the Affiliate Marketing field as a way to earn an extra income. As a child of the 70's, one can imagine how little I know about the digital realm at all. I… Continue reading And THAT’S when my head exploded…


Breath is the essence of life. We took our first breath the moment we are born into this world. Survival is impossible without it, and yet we breathe without even thinking. In todays world, there are so many distractions away from self that most are unaware of their own internal breath. The very life source… Continue reading Breathe

Is your inner analog lit?

Photo Credit Unknown Analong time peice, sky widesynched to the ticker inside... This is one of my favorite lyrics from a song called Indigo Children by the artist Puscifer. It reminds me that in such a massive digital world, we forget our internal analog. When we forget our internal analog beating within us, we create… Continue reading Is your inner analog lit?

Why not create?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Why not create? Creativity comes from within. We feel a spark when we are doing or thinking about something we love or are interested in. In today's social media platforms, we seem to get caught up in division of opinions and help to create more division and angst… Continue reading Why not create?