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Plant your Tree of Life for 2019!




Plant your tree of life for 2019!

Happy December 1st!!!

It’s the last month of 2018 before we enter the new calendar year!!!

During December we fill ourselves with a palethera of outward holiday events leading up to the grande event of Christmas, however we choose to celebrate it.

What we also do internally in December, is we naturally start to turn within ourselves, into sort of a hibernation period. It’s a natural process, just like the cycle of life.
We internally turn inward, just as the trees pull their energy in & back to their roots for regrowth of new life in the spring.

Some may call this a depression, and in a sense it is, but more in the form of a deep-rest for the soul.

What also happens is that we get this inner burst of energy, and go through the “new year, new me.” mentality.
Which is a fantastic mentality to have!

But for some reason, usually by the end of January, we start to fall back into the same patterns that we left in the prior year that we told ourselves we were going to change.

And what we are doing is hanging onto those old leaves, with old dead energy because the energy has already left, and not dropping them off of ourselves to the ground to prepare us for new growth.

All of these leaves are nothing but fertilizer for continued growth of our branches. And when we cling to these old leaves, we fall back into the old energies of our lives that made us unhappy to begin with. Our unhappiness with the way we view our world.

Satisfaction can only come through a satisfying ACTION. And actions are always a forward movement, never backwards.

When we perform satisfying actions within ourselves our whole world changes with a more positive outcome and continued growth.

And in the spring, just like the tree’s, new leaves of better relationships, better outlook on our job, better health, better wealth and a better view of our internal & external world grows……but ONLY when we chose to let go of the dead leaves we are clinging to.

Plant your seeds of growth & your tree of life will bloom.