Is your inner analog lit?

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Analong time peice, sky wide

synched to the ticker inside…

This is one of my favorite lyrics from a song called Indigo Children by the artist Puscifer.

It reminds me that in such a massive digital world, we forget our internal analog.

When we forget our internal analog beating within us, we create a disconnect with our internal self.

In todays world, it’s easy to get out of synch with our heart. It’s easy for us to fall into a pattern of comfort and the routine rituals of our every day lives.

When we are out of synch, or out of alignment with our hearts desires, our outer world can feel like it is closing in around us and that feeling eventually makes it into our inner world, causing a plethora of dis-Ease from body ailments, to internal ailments, to mental ailments.

When we remember our inner analog, and start to feed it more of our wants & desires, our internal flame will relight and continue to grow which will lead to realignment with our heart center.

Remembering our internal analog isn’t always a quick process. We have to feel & release old patterns that no longer serve us, and we have to learn new ways that we deal with things in our inner world and integrate them into realigning with our heart (soul), that will allow us a greater capability of aligning with our body & mind.

I believe everyone’s number one desire is to truly be happy within and understanding that true internal happiness comes from within, not another person nor another outer outlet.

To be in the Eternal Flame, the Internal Flame must be lit.

Rekindle your inner flame & let it burn!

Overactive? Underactive? Balanced? What is your Soul Compass telling you?


Life has become so busy with distractions that it’s no wonder most have become disconnected with internal self.

In current times it’s become too easy to fall into the level of division being played out, and the fear based state that is pushed onto us everyday.

For me, I find myself overwhelmingly distracted by all of the things that I want to do vs. all the things I need to do, or the pain of the current wounded global heart, or the wounds others are feeling at this time and not knowing how to heal & release….it’s so overwhelming that I often end up doing absolutely nothing.

All of this has really affected me recently, So I decided to make the choice to choose what I am actually putting my focus on and what I am willing to allow to intoxicate me.

No matter what we choose to put our focus on, its all intoxicating.

Whether it’s the high feeling of pursuing our goals & dreams and flying high in that vibrational realm, or the low feeling of the collective division & fear.

This is where our soul compass comes in, our emotions, our 7 chakra points of our inner self.

If something is off with us, our soul will send us a signal of that emotion, which directly correlates with one of the 7 Chakra spiritual points within us.

Fear, shame, guilt, heartache, trauma etc., may not be a most favorable emotion to feel but they are important in our guide system. Lower vibrational emotions are as equally important as Love, joy & happiness.

Most times, I feel pretty balanced but I’ve also gotten out of my daily meditation practice & being consumed by outer energies in the current state of the world, as well as the lower energies I have allowed to seep in. Many are wounded and I tend to absorb those energies.

Our natural internal energy is Love, and in a world that makes it hard to see or to feel it we have to be diligent and look within and create it internally so we can emit it into the outside world.

I took an online chakra quiz just to see if it was accurate. To my surprise, it was extremely accurate.

While I’ve learned to balance my chakra’s, I knew I was feeling ‘off’.

This quiz told me that my Sacral Chakra is Underactive and brought me back to why I have been feeling overwhelmed and not feeling my creative self.

My Third Eye Chakra is also Underactive, leaving me with a poor ability to have a clear focus…..again pointing back to being overwhelmed. This has physically manifested as chronic neck & shoulder tension, so much that my husband has spent the past two days doing deep massage.

My Crown Chakra is Overactive which is also extremely accurate. I tend to reside in the Spiritual realm as opposed to the heaviness of the ‘negative’ energy in the outside world. I tend to feel a huge disconnect.

Internal work will always be a fulltime job but the more we take an active part in how we are feeling and why we feel the way we do, we have a better chance of sharing our self-love with the world around us to create a new world where spiritual balance aligns our outer world.

If you are interested in taking the same quiz, here is the link

Feel free to share your results!

And remember, there are no wrong answers, only the answer you resonate with.

And THAT’S when my head exploded…


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I say that a lot…..”and THAT’s when my head exploded”.

It doesn’t really, obviously.

I’ve recently chosen to leap into the Affiliate Marketing field as a way to earn an extra income. As a child of the 70’s, one can imagine how little I know about the digital realm at all.

I have found myself struggling with understanding much in the digital world.

I have a website, but didn’t know how to integrate any of the marketing tools for optimization. Or running into issues day after day trying to get everything to connect.

The frustration of not getting anything to connect has made me want to stop trying, and often left me in tears.

And that’s when my head exploded….at first it from was the frustration. But then it hit me, the irony of what I was even attempting to do hit me like a ton of bricks.

You see, my website is literally named, Find Your Inner Analog. Analog is anything BUT digital and what I often write about is exploring & returning to our own natural inner state, the beat of our own heart, our inner analog.

In order to fully connect with our inner analog, we must integrate our body, our mind & our soul.

This analog realm is a realm that I have worked closely in for 20+ years, as I stood shy and reluctant to dive into the digital world.

The deeper I dove and the more frustration that built up, something occurred to me that the digital realm is much like the analog realm.

In order to fully thrive in analog mode, we must do the inner & outer work of integrating our body, mind and soul. To a degree, the digital realm works much the same way.

I started looking at my webpage as the body, my email list as the soul, and the affiliate links, funnel builders, an ad campaigns as the mind.

I learned how to integrate my analog realm with my digital realm.

I wont say that I have Affiliate marketing all figured out by any means, but it will be nice to come back on this post a year from now and see how far I’ve come, or even coming back to this post as a reminder to NOT GIVE UP.

I am adding some of my Affiliate links if you are interested in some of the programs that have helped me.

John Crestani

ClickBank University



Breath is the essence of life.

We took our first breath the moment we are born into this world.

Survival is impossible without it, and yet we breathe without even thinking.

In todays world, there are so many distractions away from self that most are unaware of their own internal breath.

The very life source that keeps us moving.

Our breathing is the flow of energy within us that keeps us moving forward, both internally & externally.

Our breath is our voice, not only vocally, but internal emotions.

Our breathing dictates when we are calm within, when we fear or when we stress.

Most of the time we don’t slow down in our day to day life to even notice our breath, or to allow it to guide us through situations where we are feeling anxious, panic or fear.

By taking deep internal breath’s and filling our belly, we send out a sense of calmness and oneness with life source energy.

We can use breathwork to clear our minds that have become over stimulated with outside sources, and we can return to our center, taking in deep breath’s and initiating a calm nervous system.

When we become in awareness of our breath, we can use our breathing as a tool to recenter and regain clarity, and if we really need to stress over what we are stressing over to begin with.

Air is associated with Fall, and as Autumn Equinox is here, now is a good time to connect with this life source element and focus on reclaiming your breath.

Breathe Deeply.

Why not create?


Have you ever asked yourself that question?

Why not create?

Creativity comes from within. We feel a spark when we are doing or thinking about something we love or are interested in.

In today’s social media platforms, we seem to get caught up in division of opinions and help to create more division and angst among our fellow humans. And while we are still creating something, we are not creating much that will help heal humanity.

So where do we focus to change this?

We focus inward….back into our inner analog, our heartbeat, our stillness within so we can find what really drives us.

2020 has been rocky, to say the least, but by going inward and feeling what motivates us, and what inspires us we have a clearer chance of turning that motivation & inspiration into a positive creation.

Whether it’s painting, singing, playing music, dance, yoga or writing a blog or a book….we can create in a way that helps us return to our inner core, our inner analog, and create something that will help other’s do the same.

And the beautiful thing is, our creativity is NOT limited!

We can start a blog & write about something we love, or something we know a lot about.

We can write a book about literally anything.

We can create apps that help someone.

We can create services that help one another.

The possibilities are Endless!

Yes, we should pay attention to what is happening in the world, but we dont have to contribute to the negative side of creating.

Our internal energy is also our currency. When we use it in division and negativity, that’s the exchange we recieve.

When we use it in a positive and helpful manner, this too is our exchange.

Happy creating!!! Spend wisely.

The human mind and the human soul has an amazing ability to create Anything! Literally. All it takes is a feeling or thought that feels good

Helping Human's Heal

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