Plant your Tree of Life for 2019!




Plant your tree of life for 2019!

Happy December 1st!!!

It’s the last month of 2018 before we enter the new calendar year!!!

During December we fill ourselves with a palethera of outward holiday events leading up to the grande event of Christmas, however we choose to celebrate it.

What we also do internally in December, is we naturally start to turn within ourselves, into sort of a hibernation period. It’s a natural process, just like the cycle of life.
We internally turn inward, just as the trees pull their energy in & back to their roots for regrowth of new life in the spring.

Some may call this a depression, and in a sense it is, but more in the form of a deep-rest for the soul.

What also happens is that we get this inner burst of energy, and go through the “new year, new me.” mentality.
Which is a fantastic mentality to have!

But for some reason, usually by the end of January, we start to fall back into the same patterns that we left in the prior year that we told ourselves we were going to change.

And what we are doing is hanging onto those old leaves, with old dead energy because the energy has already left, and not dropping them off of ourselves to the ground to prepare us for new growth.

All of these leaves are nothing but fertilizer for continued growth of our branches. And when we cling to these old leaves, we fall back into the old energies of our lives that made us unhappy to begin with. Our unhappiness with the way we view our world.

Satisfaction can only come through a satisfying ACTION. And actions are always a forward movement, never backwards.

When we perform satisfying actions within ourselves our whole world changes with a more positive outcome and continued growth.

And in the spring, just like the tree’s, new leaves of better relationships, better outlook on our job, better health, better wealth and a better view of our internal & external world grows……but ONLY when we chose to let go of the dead leaves we are clinging to.

Plant your seeds of growth & your tree of life will bloom.

Why DO we withhold Love?


Why do WE withhold Love?

Is it because we might fall into the abyss of vulnerability of our inner wounds, or the scars of our inner darkness that we ourselves are afraid to see might show? And if we’re afraid to see them, then someone else might be able to also?

Sure, we love on the surface level…
when WE want to help someone with something,
when WE want to show affection,
when WE want to be intimate,
when WE want to spend time with someone,
when WE only are seeing the best in someone,
when WE are only drawn to the good qualities of someone,
when WE,
when WE,
when WE…

What about when WE are too tired, too emotional, too overstressed, too mad…….TOO anything?
When WE are focusing on someone’s faults or flaws,
when WE are incapable of understanding someone elses emotions,
when WE can’t even muster up enough energy to show someone affectionate love,
when WE can’t seem to find the energy to remind who WE love, that although WE gave our energy to everyone else around us today, that WE don’t have enough for them,
when WE,
when WE,
when WE…

Why do WE withhold Love from another then?

Is it because of our own self-constructed protective walls that WE have built ourselves and chose to keep our own self-perceived faults hidden?

Is it because WE have such high standards for ourselves that WE haven’t lived up to,
that WE are aware of our own faults and flaws and when WE see them in someone else, WE withhold love?

Is it because WE have a fear of the possibility of a true soul connection?
And that scares us because WE have been hurt by another before?

Are WE afraid that someone might see that WE have a soft and vulnerable soul and to expose it openly to someone that WE might expose parts of our self that WE see fault in?

Are WE so terrified of the intimacy of love, that WE walk around in constant fear of a true soul connection, although it’s actually what WE crave?

So why DO we withhold love?
The short answer is that WE are the creator of our unhealthy, withholding perception of love……
And yet WE still call it love.

WE are the one who built the walls,
WE are the one who has confused love with everything that isn’t.

Love has no walls,
Love has no boundaries,
Love does not run out of the energy to love.
If it does, then it isn’t love.
When WE create our illusion of love this way,
and what WE think it should be,
and when WE decide to share it,
and when WE decide to withhold it,
WE are missing out on the sacredness of truly feeling a soul connection with another,
WE are missing out on the greatest flow of energy WE can ever feel and tap into at any time,
WE are missing out on the sacredness in all things in our relationships.
that OUR bodies are sacred,
man is sacred,
woman is sacred,
sex is sacred,
thoughts are sacred,
emotions are sacred,
creating is sacred,
ALL is sacred.

Love, is sacred.

And the greatest,  is love.~1st Corinthians 13:13



We Are The Essence That We Squeeze Out


Imagine you are holding a half of a lemon in your hand, you squeeze it and feel the juice run down your hand.
You shove the lemon in your mouth, chewing the pulp and the rind, feeling all the texture & taste of the lemon.

Your mouth is watering right?

That’s the power of the mind.

We didn’t even have a lemon, yet everyone of you who read this has a watery mouth.

Now imagine the other thoughts that your mind tells you.
The mind doesn’t care what’s good or bad, or what’s right or wrong….the only thing it knows is the dialogue you tell it. Your soul knows, but your mind doesn’t.

You’re mind will NEVER argue with you.

Yet your soul will.

So when we tell our mind a dialogue of negative beliefs that are installed in us of unworthiness, or that we’re ill, or that we’re scared, or that we’re broke, or that we’re in pain, or that we’re annoyed, or that we’ll never be enough….the mind says, “yup, that’s what I am.” and projects it into the world we live in and to the people we connect with.

But the glory of the mind is that we can change that dialogue at any given moment and tell our minds a truthful dialogue.

That you ARE worthy.
That you ARE healthy.
That you ARE whole.
That you ARE wealthy.
That you ARE happy.
That you ARE responsible for letting annoyances in.

That YOU ARE enough.

Remember, your mind won’t argue with you….it will simply say, “yup, that’s what I am.”

Your inner dialog is your inner analog.
Find your inner analog.

We can’t tell our minds that we have a lemon and expect it to taste like an orange.
Just like we can’t tell ourselves negative things and expect positive things to come out if us.

We are the essence that we squeeze out.

As the man thinketh, therefore he is. ~Proverbs  23:7


The Importance of Self Love


The Importance of self love.

In today’s world there is much more selfishness than selflessness, or self love.

There is also the confusion of self love being selfish.

As children we are typically taught to give to others, and to be kind to others.

While we should definitely practice this in our daily lives, what happens when we are not taught to do the same for ourselves?

We’re left with scars, we’re left with trauma, and we’re left with the wounds that won’t seem to heal. All because we were taught to give only to others, and when we are led to believe that only others matter, the emotional spin of inner turmoil and chaos begin because our mind will tell us that we don’t matter.

Few are taught how to heal from emotional trauma. Few are taught how to love ourselves in those sensitive places needing emotional healing within.

Everyone on the planet suffers from some form of emotional pain of their past. Because those wounds aren’t loved on by the love we have within our selves,  we go through life with these unhealed wounds and project the fear and pain on others. We tend to do this because since we weren’t taught how to love ourselves,  we believe that the only way to be healed or loved is through an outside source. Yet because we didn’t heal those wounds on our own, within our selves, then the process of our inner pain continues in a pattern that we’ve grown accustomed to.  Pain and fear.

Because we then live in pain and fear of outside relationships, yet seek our healing from an outside relationship, and when those wounds don’t heal, we begin to blame others for our pain and continue the cycle of internal unhealing that we bring into our future. Our future of continuing to live in emotional pain and blame as to why we aren’t healed yet by anyone other than ourselves.

We can’t expect an internal healing, from an external source. Especially when most sources are already in their own emotionally unavailable suffering.

Sure, we can be loved and feel better about ourselves,  but until we go within ourselves and heal our wounds, no outside source is able to.

“When I was a little girl, I couldn’t say that I had the best, or stable, emotional upbringing. 

Did I have a great childhood? Of course I did!

When we are children we already love ourselves and love exploring the world around us.

Yet there was also the other side of my life, the side where I saw the wounded human.

Between many events of my father physically abusing my mother for the first 9 years of my life, and 2 years of molestation from a babysitter my parents would often hire, it’s a blessing to me to have been able to recover from all of that.

Thus leading to my parents divorce and an onslaught of women and men coming in and out of my father or my mothers homes for long or short periods of time. 

I never hated that this was my childhood but as I got older, when I started questioning WHY? Was when I got my answers.

That was when I learned that everyone, EVERYONE,  suffered from emotional pain. 

In the case of my molester, I first had to forgive, and by no means did it mean that the act was okay,  nor that I had forgotten.  I had chose to no longer hold the pain of it in my heart, and that for whatever reasons that I didn’t know of, he was emotionally wounded too.

As for the abuse between my parents,  I met them on an adult level and realized the emotional damage they too had went through in their own lives and none of it had anything to do with me.”

What I’ve come to understand from all of this, is that we have to learn to love ourselves in those places that hurt within and that those that have hurt us are emotionally wounded as well and oftentimes have so much pain within, that the realization that they are hurting others in the process is unknown to them.

In loving ourselves,  we also have to be aware of emotional trauma that we have inflicted on our selves. And yes, we do that. Most times we are our biggest inflictor of our own pain.

So what is the importance of self love?

If we aren’t loving, healing and forgiving those parts of us that feel unloved, unhealed and unforgiven, what we are actually doing is being selfish as it causes more infliction projected onto other’s which creates more infliction within.

Giving into self love is the biggest act of selflessness that we can do. We have went within and felt our wounds,  our suffering,  our pain and healed from within. We don’t project them on others, instead we help others learn how to find their own healing within.

Selfishness is living in unhealed trauma and projecting it on our world around us.

Self love is the greatest act of selflessness.

When you can tell your story and it doesn’t make you cry, you know you have healed.”

Helping Human's Heal

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