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Breath is the essence of life.

We took our first breath the moment we are born into this world.

Survival is impossible without it, and yet we breathe without even thinking.

In todays world, there are so many distractions away from self that most are unaware of their own internal breath.

The very life source that keeps us moving.

Our breathing is the flow of energy within us that keeps us moving forward, both internally & externally.

Our breath is our voice, not only vocally, but internal emotions.

Our breathing dictates when we are calm within, when we fear or when we stress.

Most of the time we don’t slow down in our day to day life to even notice our breath, or to allow it to guide us through situations where we are feeling anxious, panic or fear.

By taking deep internal breath’s and filling our belly, we send out a sense of calmness and oneness with life source energy.

We can use breathwork to clear our minds that have become over stimulated with outside sources, and we can return to our center, taking in deep breath’s and initiating a calm nervous system.

When we become in awareness of our breath, we can use our breathing as a tool to recenter and regain clarity, and if we really need to stress over what we are stressing over to begin with.

Air is associated with Fall, and as Autumn Equinox is here, now is a good time to connect with this life source element and focus on reclaiming your breath.

Breathe Deeply.